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Making Heirloom Boxes

Peter Lloyd
Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd 2002

My friends, my colleagues, my partners in boxmaking. These are some of the makers out there all over the world beavering away in their workshops, often on their own, producing fantastic work. Their worked has inspired me, I've learned from them; in some cases their boxes have made me smile, in others they have left me open-mouthed in admiration.

Celebrating Boxes

Peter Lloyd & Andrew Crawford
British Library 2001

Jean Christophe Couradin has worked wood for twenty years and uses the classic tools of sculpture : chisels, gouges, rasps and scrapers. Initially making games and wood boxes he gradually forsook the utilitarian aspect for the aesthetics of non-functional forms in exotics ans hardwoods.

New Masters of the Wooden Box

Oscar P. Fitzerald
Fox Chapel Publishing 2009

Visual Emotions, Tactile Pleasures, Couradin is not a furniture maker, nor a box maker, nor a turner. He is an artist who makes sculpture that is meant to interact with the viewer. ...

Galerie Yves Callet-Molin

Vevey Hebdo
J.L.R 2005

C'est exclusivement au moyen de précieux bois tropicaux que Jean-Christophe Couradin, artiste français né à Dijon et résidant en Isère, réalise ses sculptures, exposées en Suisse pour la première fois : cela se passe chez Yves Callet-Molin, dans sa galerie...

Wood Art Today

Dona Z. Meilach
A Schiffer Design Book 2004

Jean-Christophe Couradin. D'Amourette. Cocobolo. Sinous curves and smooth textures in a wood with beautiful grain result in a sculpture that is tactile and sensual...

Encadrement Decoration

Revue Mensuelle
Fevrier 2000

Les objets merveilleux de J-C. Couradin
Parti, il y a longtemps, de la fabrication de boitiers et coffrets en bois qu'il ornait de décors en relief, Jean-Christophe Couradin, confronté à la nécésiité de...

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